Pregnant woman

From preconception support, during and after pregnancy, the osteopath supports the woman in this cycle of life.
Before: Helping the woman by balancing her menstrual cycle, preparing her pelvis, system balance (nervous and hormonal), reducing stress and anxiety of the body and mind in this process. For natural procreation it is 50/50 of each partner in action, so the man also has a physical, hormonal and neurological balance to help the quality, quantity and vitality of sperm.

During: Helping regulate balance of the glands, tension in the pelvis, spine, tingling in the hands and legs, pubic symphysis pain, upper neck tension, heart aches, gastric reflux, constipation among others.

After: Helps to restore more easily the column and pelvis balance, help the quality of breastfeeding, tension of the neck and shoulders, balance of hormones, to gradually regain one's personal activities (sport, creative, etc.).

  • Support during the fertility process

  • Pregnancy (low back, heavy leg, heartache, sciatica, symphisitis, digestive disorder)

  • Breastfeeding (milk volume, shoulder and neck tension)

  • Sleep disorder

  • Circulation (tingling hands and legs, water retention, edema)