Alice Blouin osteopath ost.

Happiness comes from within

A therapist passionate about the human body and complementary approaches, she graduated in osteopathy in 2017.

My mission

Guide the body using an exclusively manual approach, using joint, muscular, visceral and cranial techniques, for a return of full autonomy and vitality

  • Mutual aid

    Involving citizens in their healing requires an integrative and collaborative approach, where the patient, health professionals and the community work together to promote a holistic and lasting recovery.

  • Respect & trust

    Priority to listening to and respecting citizens, integrating rapid changes, environmental awareness and the pace of healing.


    Living fully in consciousness, integrating meditation, vegetarianism and respect for circadian cycles, to inspire and encourage citizens to reach their full energetic potential.

  • Efficiency

    Attentive listening, precise assessment, and effective treatment plan, followed by an objective post-treatment evaluation, with appointments available within 14 days for optimal follow-up.

  • Environment

    Promotes equitable collaboration and eco-responsibility, with practices such as composting, the use of ecological products and access to public transport.