Baby and child

From birth (conical or flattened head, stiff neck at birth, breech delivery, forceps or suction cup, difficulty suckling or bottle feeding, difficulty burping after drinking, discomfort lying on the back, opening the mouth, noise when breathing , runny eyes, constipation, sleep and nap cycle, asymmetry of movement of the right and left, panic and frequent and inconsolable crying are requests where the osteopath can help your baby and child.

From birth (premature, natural, forceps, suction cup, cervical traction) by checking the modeling of the shape of the head (cone, flattened, jaw backward), clavicle, tibial torsion, flattened ear, etc.) , respiratory disorder (bronchiolitis, secretion during breathing, otitis, etc.), gastric reflux, constipation, ineffective breastfeeding, sleep and wake cycle, bilateral motor development in established stables (turning from belly to back, crawling, walking on all fours, walking , visual associations, social interaction, panic and stress (freezing), eating disorder, hypersensitivity, ...

  • Plagiocephaly, cone-shaped head, protruding ears;

  • Breastfeeding, gastric reflux, colic, constipation, diarrhea;

  • Sleep, cry, fall cycle;

  • Premature baby;

  • Difficulty at developmental stages