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Can osteopathy treat back pain?

Back pain studied by collecting information (following..., frequency, intensity, constant or inconstant, increasing during..., relieving during...), subsequently tested and an effective treatment plan will begin (muscle tension, abdominal tension approach, pelvic balance, release of tension around the joints, etc.). There is the possibility of collaborating with another professional depending on the response to treatment.

My 3 month old baby has difficulty turning his head to the left, can osteopathy help?

The osteopath assesses the possible cause (stomach problem, neck muscle tension, high cervical rigidity, etc.) and treats your baby.

During my second trimester of pregnancy, I have pain in my pelvis and back. How can osteopathy relieve this pain?

During pregnancy, the woman's body changes (weight gain in the belly and breast, accentuated lumbar curvature, external rotation of the leg) to accommodate the weight of the baby. The osteopath will use manual techniques to balance the pelvis, muscles and bone tensions of this physical change.

How can I make an appointment?

You can make an appointment online directly by clicking here or by phone at 819-930-6359.

I would like to ask questions about the discomfort and know if osteopathy can help me?

You can check via this link here or call 819-930-6359 to happily clarify your question.

My menstruation cycle is not regular, with abdominal and back pain, how can osteopathy help?

The release of ligamentous, muscular, cranial and para-articular tensions is treated according to the rigid or sensitive areas found during the evaluation. This will allow a gradual change in mood, sensitivity and will reduce pain during the menstrual cycle.